About the Logo

The event logo for the 14th NERM 2024 is designed depicting a typical Garo village with a special emphasis on Wangala, the annual harvest festival of the Garos. The foreground shows a Garo couple in traditional attire, getting ready for the festival in front of a thatched house called Nokachik, the traditional house of our warrior tribe.

A tree house called Bo·rang, used to keep watch on the crops, while keeping safe from animals is seen in the background. Enclosing the scene is Seng·ki, a traditional ornament made of bones worn around the waist  by  Garo women, flanked by the warrior’s shield called Seppi, decorated with palm impressions in rice flour paste called Wanti toka.

A head hunter’s machete called Mil·am is seen crossed in the middle while an Adil, the musical wind instruments made of buffalo horn is seen on both sides of NERM.

The logo reflects love for our rich culture and beliefs, one we are proud of to inherit, preserve and pass down to future generations.


  • The NERM 2024 Logo is exclusive reserved for the organizers, and its commercial use by any other party is prohibited.
  • The logo must not be altered in part or whole.
  • Only the original logo should be used for any purpose.
  • To promote brotherhood among the riding community, NERM 2024 logo can be utilized to create souvenirs and gifts exchanged between clubs and riders.
  • As a member of the community, we expect everyone to adhere to these guidelines and use the logo responsibly and respectfully for the benefit of NERM 2024.