NERM 2022

North East Riders Meet 2022 will be hosted by Nagaland Motorcycle Club in the state of Nagaland after a break of 2 pandemic years as mentioned earlier. Normally, NERM is annually held on a rotation by the clubs affiliated to NEAR of the respective states of North East India including Sikkim. NERM was passed on to NMC and Nagaland state in the year 2020 which was the 10th Anniversary year of Nagaland Motorcycle Club. However the delay of 2 years as mentioned.

The main purpose of NERM is about organising a festival and bringing the Royal Enfield riding fraternity together, a time of bonding. However, this event promotes tourism to the North Eastern states of India as a whole and the hosting state in particular. The participants of this event comes from NE India, mainland India, and neighbouring countries like Nepal and Bhutan too and they usually travel the length and breadth of NE India pre or post NERM.

NMC plans to hold NERM 2022 from the 3rd Dec till the 5th Dec 2022 which falls in the Hornbill Festival time.

NMC is expecting the participation of 1500 to 2000 Royal Enfield riders this particular year. This will be the single biggest entity that will bring this many people to witness the ever-popular Hornbill Festival of Nagaland and thus promote tourism to Nagaland state to a significant extent as well.

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